Rebalancing The Future of Plastics


Plastic Waste is Rarely Recycled,
Only Diverted…

The world needs plastic. Plastic products are essential across almost every sector, including consumer products, transportation construction, packaging, textiles, medical equipment, and electrical and industrial machinery – for its flexibility, durability and faster production.

Million Tonnes

353 Million tonnes of global plastic waste were produced in 2022, more than double from 2000. This is caused by skyrocketing plastic production and consumption from increased buying power of rising global populations, low levels of recycling, and poor waste management.


Recycled, while 22% Mismanaged

Plastic is rarely recycled – plastic waste is often diverted to other countries, further increasing its carbon footprint due to shipping and ends up in nature.

True Plastic Waste Removal Across North America

PlasCred’s proprietary patent-pending process transforms plastic into usable commercial products, with industry-leading partnerships and management across North America.

PlasCred will be the Gold Standard of Plastic Credits

PlasCred will be responsible for creating an entirely new standard for plastic credits, and will be a leader in environmental credits including plastic and carbon credits.


The PlasCred patent-pending and proprietary process enables true plastic waste removal in a scalable, systematic and profitable way.

PlasCred is redefining waste into resource, and giving plastic a second life.

We are accelerating the progress towards a climate positive future for Earth and aim to become one of the largest upcycling facilities in North America and globally.

We will be the Gold Standard of Plastic Credits and creating an entirely new standard for plastic credits.


PlasCred is developing strategic partnerships with CN Rail, Palantir Technolgies Inc. and Fibreco Export Inc. enabling PlasCred’s unparalleled logistics support across North America for transportation and handling of plastic waste.

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