Plastic and Carbon Credits


PlasCred will be responsible for creating an entirely new standard for plastic credits – exploration of protocols and standards have begun with Verra and SCS Global

  • To date there are no standards and protocols for “end of life” for plastics.

PlasCred is expected to remove 256 tonnes of plastic per day with potential value of $51,200 to $204,800 per day in Phase One.

  • Current market value of plastic credits are $50 – $800 per tonne of plastic removed.

Immediate market demand exists for PlasCred’s plastic credit solutions, as Pepsi, Coke, Nestle, and P&G are all currently involved in a class action lawsuit for plastic pollution.


PlasCred has formed a Credit Development Team partnered with Verra and SCS Global.

  • Countries internationally have agreed to climate policies (e.g. Paris Accord)
    and are committed to reducing Greenhouse Gases (GHG), such as by imposing taxes on GHG emissions.
  • Carbon trading markets are expanding quickly, as companies producing GHG emissions are looking to offset their taxes using carbon credits.

Voluntary Carbon Units

  •  Voluntary Carbon Markets are on pace to be valued between $5B – $100B market by 2030.
  • Current market value of carbon credits are ~$8-22 per tonne of carbon removed.

Compliant Carbon Credits – The Gold Standard for Value

  • Compliant carbon credits have a set value of $34.99* per tonne carbon removed and have a dedicated demand market of mostly energy organizations.