PlasCred’s patent-pending and proprietary process enables true plastic waste removal in a scalable, systematic and profitable way.


The PlasCred process transforms up to 80% of unsorted, waste plastic into ultra-clean Renewable Green Condensate™.

Our unique product offers diverse benefits:

Virgin Plastic Production: It can be transformed into virgin plastic, reducing reliance on traditional environmentally impactful processes.

Transporation Fuels: It can be converted into transportation fuels, helping to minimize the drilling of new oil wells.

Pipeline Diluent: Its use as a pipeline diluent aids in the smooth flow of crude oil and further contributes to fewer wells drilled, reinforcing a sustainable energy infrastructure.

The PlasCred process is commercially viable, providing immediate economic benefit for industry, communities and government organizations for handling waste plastic.

We have the ability to scale operations at multiple sites for continued growth with robust profitable cash flow.

Maximus Phase One: Up to 300 tonnes plastic waste per day

Maximus Phase Three: Up to 1300 tonnes plastic waste per day

We also dramatically reduce logistics issues with Palantir AI software and CN railway hubs for collecting plastic feedstock in and distributing commercial product out.



Carbon Char

Percentage: 2% to 10%
Description: Insert carbon and carbonaceous solid produced

Renewable Green Condensate™

Percentage: 80%
Description: Proprietary ultra-clean renewable condensate product with various commercial applications


Percentage: 10%
Description: Hydrogen, propane and butane, used for the PlasCred process. Quality of the emissions improve with increased feed rates


The PlasCred process is a commercially viable and climate-positive process – highly efficient and automated.

Small Footprint

For operating space, with a very low operator to processor ratio, and a modular design for easy deployment and scalability.

Minimal Water Usage

Only at the front end of the process to clean the plastic, as well as some  non-contact cooling.

Minimal Electricity Usage

Used for small motors, with no electricity used in the transformation of the plastic
to condensate.

Technological Innovations

To ensure high-product quality (e.g. optimized condensate flash point)

Safe Process

Operating at atmospheric pressure and not susceptible to risks with pressure and vacuum-based systems including pinhole leaks.

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