Sustainable Finance

PlasCred is well-positioned for the massive sustainable finance opportunity.

US $1 Trillion

Sustainable bonds in 2021

    • Growth of 20X from 2015
    • 10% of global debt capital markets
    • Mainly from green bond issuance

US $700 Billion

Sustainability-linked loans value in 2021

  • 300% growth from 2020

US $197 Billion

Sustainability M&A in 2021

  • Sustainability equity capital markets of $48 billion
  • All-time high records

Environmental Benefits

PlasCred advocates environmental sustainability and energizes local economies through creating green jobs.

Companies can build valuable and transparent ESG value chains for their shareholders, through intangible value in hydrocarbon outputs with PlasCred’s plastic and carbon reduction process.


  • Companies are expected to uphold ESG standards of stakeholders, including government and capital markets, crucial to opportunities for long-term value creation.
  • Companies can leverage their ESG performance to improve their bottom line and their company’s overall ESG performance through Sustainability Linked Loans.

PlasCred helps companies benefit from the massive opportunities of Sustainable Finance.


  • Investment institutions are accelerating focus on ESG and increasing pressure on portfolio companies, with multiple funds only investing or lending to organizations with strong ESG metrics.
  • More than $3 trillion in combined assets has been raised by private capital funds that integrate ESG principles over the decade, with 88 percent of funds expecting to increase their ESG focus by 2022.
  • A reduction in “greenwashing” and increase in legitimate value-added ESG metrics allows PlasCred and clients to increase borrowing potential.